Step 1

XIGOLO-how to deposite-1

After visiting the Home page, click on the Casher button from the footer menu.

A new page will appear on your screen.

Step 2

XIGOLO-how to withdraw -01

1. Click on the Withdraw button as shown in the picture.

2. Enter the amount of XPs that you want to withdraw to your wallet, by using the keyboard.

3. Click on the Submit button.

Step 3

XIGOLO-withdraw final one

1. Choose from the given options in which you want to withdraw your XP i.e. Wallet (XANA), OTC (SWACCI), NFT(NORI NORI).

2. Press the Withdraw button and it’s done.

Step 4

unnamed (1)

1. Enter OTP sent on your registered phone number.

2. Click on the Purchase button.

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