Step 1

XIGOLO-how to play evalouation game-01

1. After visiting the Home page. Click on the “Evolution” card from the Providers section.

Step 2

XIGOLO-how to play evalouation game-02-1

A new page will open on your screen with different game cards i.e. SIDE BET CITY, BACCARAT, and BLACKJACK.

Select any one of the following games that you want to play.

Step 3

XIGOLO-how to play evalouation game-02

For BLACKJACK: Select the BLACKJACK card and the game will appear on your screen.

Step 4

XIGOLO-how to play evalouation game-03

After the game will be opened in a new tab, select the table on which you want to start betting.

Step 5

XIGOLO-how to play evalouation game-04

*Wait for the betting time to start the game*

After the betting time has started, enter the pattern that you want to bet from the available patterns, the bet will be placed automatically.

Step 6

Xigolo Faqs- How to play the Evolution game7

After the game time will be over, it will show you the result and you will get reward if you win.

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